Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Self-Service Password Management




1.       When I change my ShawAndMe password, what other system passwords will be changed?


The passwords will be synchronized between your Windows logon account, ShawAndMe, and Webmail.  This also means that Shaw’s network systems using your Windows logon account (Shaw computer, Ariba, EQT, Fiber, Shopflex, VPN, Passport, Rightfax, Internet, etc.) will be part of the change.


NOTE:  This does not include Mainframe/Glink, ShawOnline, Lotus Notes (your email), and externally hosted applications (such as Outtask/Vinnet, SOAR, and LRN).


2.  Will my Lotus Notes password change?


Password synchronization for the Lotus Notes is not available at this time.  This will be a future enhancement. 


3.  Why do the answers to the challenge questions not appear when I type them?


The answers are masked to ensure someone could not obtain them by looking over your shoulder while you type.


4.  Why are the questions so non-specific and not fact based?


The questions are non-specific to ensure your answers cannot be guessed by someone who may have gained access to your personal information or who “Googled” your name for information. 


5.  How can I remember my responses to the challenge questions?


The best idea is to type the first thing that you think of and try to limit it to a one word answer.  This will ensure consistency in answering and help you to remember your responses without writing them down.


6.  Why do I have so many challenge questions to answer?


This is to ensure that two random challenge questions appear each time.  It will also provide stronger security and less risk of someone guessing your response.


7.  Why do I get an error when trying the password reset on Internet Explorer 7. 


This browser version has been found to have security issues with certain applications.  For this reason this browser has not been accepted for use on Shaw computers.


8.   If the answers to the challenge questions do not work the first time when trying to

reset my password, what should I do?


Try to retype your responses again.  If this fails contact the Help Desk at (706)275-2255 or

1-800-223-7429 ext. 2255 for assistance.  The Help Desk will verify your identity prior to resetting your password.







9.       If I think my challenge question responses are wrong or I cannot remember my answers, what can I do?


You can enter your ShawAndMe ID and password, then click on “manage your password.”  Next, click on register questions to reenter the responses.


10.   Why can I not manage my password from an Internet café or my home Internet?


The ability to manage your password outside of Shaw has been turned off for security reasons.  You can still manage your password while on Shaw’s network or Shaw’s VPN.


11.   If I change my password through the Windows “change password” method, will my passwords still synchronize? 


Yes, the synchronization will still happen between applicable systems.


12. Can I manage my password on any Shaw  computer or kiosk?


Yes, you will need to use your ShawAndMe ID when clicking on forgot password or manage

password links.


13.  Are responses to the challenge questions case sensitive?


Yes, you must key the responses in using the same exact upper or lower case letters as previously used.

14.  Can I receive an email with my new password?


This feature is not available.  Only one-third of Shaw employees have email, yet all    employees need to change their passwords.